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My Story

Who is
Aquana Raffington?

Founder of EASE International, Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, CEO/Entrepreneur, 

Caregiver, Mother and Wife

After being subjected to sexual abuse as a child, spending 11 years married to a substance abuser who physically, emotionally, and psychologically abused me, and being a member of a religious cult where I was spiritually abused, I was not only misguided in love and faith, but overwhelmingly lost & immensely depressed, I sought something that came with the stigma of being labeled as crazy and written-off within my family and community; therapy.


I found out firsthand therapy was in fact the help I needed to set me on my path toward healing all of the trauma I had endured throughout my life at the hands of all my abusers, myself included. Therapy helped me to face and feel through my trauma in order to heal through it. During that process, I recognized and accepted that as long as I allowed myself to hold on to hope for change and be ruled by fear, I was the only one holding me back. Once I held myself accountable for the part I played, and then forgave myself, my healing truly began.

That's when I finally left. Not without a substantial threat to my life but I escaped and found myself with four bags of belongings, four school-age children, and four wheels that took me somewhere I knew of no family or had no connections. With little to my name and no concrete plan, I was somehow filled with the most certainty, determination & belief in myself than ever before. I was able to strengthen my personal relationship with my creator and vowed to do whatever it took to stay out of the predicament I had allowed myself and my children to be subjected to for far too long. It wouldn't be easy, but it was possible.


I went on to reestablish myself and my family, and was soon able to move myself and my children into a safe and loving home. I am now happily remarried with six children and have achieved many personal and professional accomplishments along the way. I am so fortunate I was able to overcome and find my ease but knowing there are so many women whose stories mirror my own, I had to find a way to help them regardless of where they were in their journey. And so I set out to turn my struggle into our ease and in April of 2019, EASE was founded

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Evolving Through Prayer

This book is a great tool to help readers push past Destructive Cognitive Emotions that are keeping them stuck in the cycle of unhelpful thinking. Learn how to align your will with God’s, live an unrestricted life all while getting back to your true, authentic self.





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