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Keep Families Connected


We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe during these uncertain times. 


This pandemic has interrupted and obstructed life as we know it. Businesses and schools have closed their doors indefinitely leaving many people out of work and children to continue their education at home. Many households have had to scale back spending and focus on priorities such as shelter, utilities, food, and household essentials. One household essential that may not be seen as such, is internet access.


During these times of uncertainty, internet access has become more essential than ever. It allows our children to continue their education at home, families to take advantage of work from home opportunities and just as important, keep people connected to their loved ones while practicing social distancing.


Many internet companies are offering no-cost, in-home internet for up to two months for eligible families. Eligibility across the board is limited to new customers with K-12 or college student(s) in the household - and for select companies - there is an extra requirement of qualifying for public assistance programs.


So where does that leave existing customers who simply can't afford to maintain service during these times? With bills falling behind, anxiety/stress levels high, internet access may need to be pushed down the list of priorities. Well, that's where we come in. We want to help alleviate the burden of making at least one tough decision for families.  


That is why we have launched a campaign to help bring internet access to 1 million families across the nation. Internet access could mean the difference between children continuing their education and adults continuing their careers. Our goals are to provide the means for parents to apply for work at home jobs in order to stay afloat during these times of uncertainty, and children to continue their schooling remotely.


We are sponsoring internet access for 3 months for families affected by COVID-19. If you are already eligible for 60 days of no-cost service, you may still apply for 3 additional months of service to stay on track once the pandemic is behind us and we once again find our bearings.


This may very well prove to be one of the toughest times in our nation's history but it's also a time for coming together and helping one another. So in the spirit of wanting for our neighbors what we want for ourselves, we are hoping our efforts will provide ease to families in need.


Help fund a family for 3 months with a one-time donation of $30 or $10/month for 3 months

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