House of EASE

This program was developed to help participants by providing a stable environment in which they can implement their plans and focus on their goals in order to overcome and thrive in today’s society. 


Participants may have faced:

- negative circumstances

- cycles of hardship

- trouble breaking generational patterns

- traumas such as loss or abuse


EASE is pleased to provide an opportunity for our participants to connect, engage and collaborate. By living and working together, participants will inspire, influence, and uplift one another in reaching their next level of excellence.


Our vision is to not only to provide participants with a safe and stable environment in which to live and work. They will have access to counseling, mentorship, guidance and ample opportunity and support to not only realize but also accomplish their goals.

Let us help you realize your dreams and make them your reality.


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For general inquires or questions, please contact us at:


Phone: 1-844-577-6739

Verily, after every hardship comes ease.