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What are you ready to evolve?





Join one of our evolutionary programs

Breaking The Cycle Program/Support Group


breaking cycles of abuse

recognizing, and overcoming different types of abuse including but not limited to: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, sexual, & substance

Healing Through The Pain Program/Support Group


feel through the pain to heal through the pain

  • personal development

  • mental health/wellness

Women's Empowerment Workshop/Conference/Banquet

  • personal development

  • ​financial literacy​

Fit for Business Workshop

  • career development

  • entrepreneurship

  • brand identity

  • resume writing

  • interview prep

  • workplace/job readiness


EASE: Next Generation


Encouraging Another Successors Excellence


Youth programs geared toward helping girls grades K-12 through

  • Mentorship

  • After School Program

  • Summer Camps

  • Career Development

  • Leadership

EASE Community

& Wellness Center


The EASE Center would host our various support groups, workshops and seminars in addition to after school programs and tutoring space for our youth programs. We would also provide on site wellness services, an alternative to the limited options currently available to the citizens of the communities we serve.

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